Lockdown Songs

In March 2020, we paused our planned projects to focus our energy on a collection of Lockdown Songs in which communities, isolated older people, families, and NHS workers joined professional musicians.

The first song, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, has been archived by the BFI, featured on BBC Breakfast, and had over 19k views. This project has kept us true to our mission – to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together with world-class professionals to create and experience opera, music and theatre that challenges perceptions that it is not for everyone

Music and Theatre for All brought together a community of hundreds of people – including professional singers, families, friends, neighbours, and key workers – to sing in our Lockdown Songs.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone
We’ll Meet Again

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Thomas Guthrie directed Nowruz for Together Productions Singing Our Lives project in July 2020