2016: Brighton Festival Installation

In 2016, off the success of our Death Actually and Real Life Actually projects, we took the Bach Motets to Brighton in an installation designed especially for the Brighton Festival.

Listening to the Bach Motets in the surrounds of an acoustic pod – installed for the Brighton Festival so that audiences would feel as though they were sitting among the singers – audiences responded:

More meaning to my present life than I could ever describe in words here. Wonderful!

Having just lost my son, I cannot thank you enough for this experience

Embraced totally by the music. The darkness of the enclosure was wonderful for focusing the mind and spirit. As a solo experience, to me it was deep and meaningful.

As an octogenarian, fit but well aware of my mortality – saying farewell to many of my contemporaries at their funerals – I did not expect joyfulness amid the bittersweet music. THANK YOU