Tom Guthrie’s Manifesto for a New Age of Live Performance

Live theatre, opera, dance and music at every level are under very serious threat. Before our eyes the UK’s hugely talented, globally successful, workforce is drifting further away from the industry. All around us beautiful, treasured buildings are standing empty…

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Imagine a world where live theatre, dance, comedy, live music were woven into local life. Where you didn’t have to travel far to see them, where they didn’t cost the earth, where there was variety and the highest quality, where every schoolchild had access (and it was fun), where everyone felt welcome, no matter their age, background, adherence to accepted norms, religion or race. Where, if you lived there, it could be for you, and our great national enterprises — the National Theatres, the Royal Operas and Ballets, the big names touring the big (now empty) stadia, could be providing content alongside local schoolchildren.

Imagine a world where a storytelling experience could be intimate and powerful for everyone, no matter who you were, where music never failed to touch the soul, where a sense of belonging was fostered, where process could be shared, where creativity was taught and encouraged, where storytelling once again did what it has always been there to do: bind, identify, entertain, educate, stimulate.

Imagine a world where culture works across the board with and for people.

How do we bring that world into being?

Here is how Music and Theatre for All Opera Theatre Boxes could be the answer.

Opera Theatre Boxes

Our Artistic Director, Thomas Guthrie introduces a new vision for a national network of safe, exciting pop-up performance spaces.