Real Life Actually


Real Life Actually installation feedback from Brighton:

  • More meaning to my present life than I could ever describe in words here. Wonderful!
  • The initial “darker” lit element allows the viewer to fix themselves in the space (and what a space) – the later “lit” portion of the experience is so uplifting. I imagined myself moving in space. Having just lost my son, I cannot thank you enough for this experience
  • It was perfect.
  • It’s good to be reminded that death is universal and that everything living will die at some time. It’s easy to think of one’s own death as singular, special and uniquely tragic – in a way of course it is, but the installation widened the feeling out to encompass us all.
  • Extended my perspective on the inevitability of death and the continuation of life and the fact that we are all in it together
  • Embraced totally by the music. The darkness of the enclosure was wonderful for focusing the mind and spirit. As a solo experience, to me it was deep and meaningful.
  • As an octogenarian, fit but well aware of my mortality – saying farewell to many of my contemporaries at their funerals – I did not expect joyfulness amid the bittersweet music. THANK YOU
  • Love the placement of this installation in church – a place of many funerals.
  • Comfort and hope. I think the film picked up on this dual aspect.
  • There is probably not enough conversation or discussion about death. Art gives an opportunity for people to approach this subject from a different angle. I found the film very moving – a beautiful articulation of the interplay between death, life and music.
  • I think it was quite a journey. Quite opaque to begin with but interesting, compelling and humane. Drew me in.
  • bold/radical in its simplicity, intimacy and informality
  • Amazed, once again, by the power of the human voice, individually and together, to pull out feelings and inspire imagination”
  • a real pleasure
  • great singing, great voices
  • bare sparseness gave a sense of mystery and raised aniticipation
  • thought and feeling provoking’
  • creative, moving, a beautiful expression of death