Urban Operas

Urban Operas bring together communities and professionals to co-create and perform their own site-specific opera

Urban Operas bring disadvantaged communities together for 12-18 months, alongside arts professionals, to co-create a show based on their stories.

Together they compose music and scripts, design sets, perform, manage and advertise every element. This process gives vulnerable communities a voice, strengthens communities, develops skills and reduces isolation – needed now more than ever.  

Led by professional creatives, communities across Lewisham will pilot our first Urban Opera Project during the 2022 year of culture.

Opera, the ultimate art-form, combines music, stories, drama, visuals, choreography, stagecraft and so much more that there is a part to play in our Urban Opera for anyone who wants one.

We are working with Lewisham Education Arts Network, Lewisham Music Hub, and Youth First and plan to host virtual consultations to hear the Covid-19 stories of locals of all ages and backgrounds in Lewisham communities whose experiences of the Covid pandemic need to be told.

We maintain a large network of professional creatives, who have had their careers shattered by the pandemic, and we want to involve them in leading communities to make and create our very first Urban Opera 2022.

If you are a community group based in Lewisham and would like to partner our Urban Opera Project which will take place during the 2022 Borough of Culture, please get in touch.