• 26 October: Online Fundraising Gala
    Sir Richard Aikens and Alexander Armstrong presented an online fundraising gala to coincide with the 50th birthday of our Artistic Director, international stage director, Thomas Guthrie.
  • Tom Guthrie’s Manifesto for a New Age of Live Performance
    Live theatre, opera, dance and music at every level are under very serious threat. Before our eyes the UK’s hugely talented, globally successful, workforce is drifting further away from the industry. All around us beautiful, treasured buildings are standing empty…
  • Music and Theatre For All launches three major new projects supported by The Arts Council
    The Arts Council has awarded innovative UK charity Music and Theatre For All (MTFA) a major new grant to develop three ambitious projects in the wake of Covid 19. 
  • Tom Guthrie: Musings on Opera, part one
    Thomas Guthrie discusses the importance, now more than ever, of the ability of opera and theatre to move, amuse, inspire, and change us
  • Tom Guthrie Insights: “Carmen”
    We asked Artistic Director Thomas Guthrie for some insight into his process of devising four Director’s Visions of “Carmen” for the Royal Opera House 2020 Design Challenge.
  • We’ll Meet Again
    A tribute to Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, ahead of her funeral.
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone
    The British Film Institute adds Where Have All The Flowers Gone to its Archive of the Lockdown
  • Opera Today
    Thomas Guthrie spoke to Claire Seymour from Opera Today about our #Schubert200 project.