Tom Guthrie: Opera Concepts

Thomas Guthrie discusses the importance, now more than ever, of the ability of opera and theatre to move, amuse, inspire, and change us

Thomas Guthrie: Opera Concepts

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All opera-making , indeed all theatre-making, is on one level simply about solving problems and overcoming challenges — of space, of budget, of dramaturgy, of target audience, of rehearsal time, of cast, of relevance, of clarity, of freshness — to achieve one single goal: to speak, through the emotions, to people’s souls. To move them, to amuse them, to inspire them, to surprise them, whoever they are, to take them out of themselves, to take them deeper into themselves, to change them, to challenge them, to help them see themselves and the world we all live in in a new light.

Nothing else.

That has never been more important — more of a responsibility for theatre and opera-makers — than now.