Fundraising Gala Credits

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Fundraising Gala this evening 26 October 2020 (Tom’s 50th birthday!)

Presented by Sir Richard Aikens and Alexander Armstrong

Featuring guest appearances from Thomas Guthrie, Rob Murray, Gwyneth Herbert, Byron Barrett, Joelle Harvey, and Roderick Williams.

Filming Alexander and Tom (13 Oct):
Rosamund Bernays
Chris Hewitt
Tom Lewis

Schubert 200:
Voice – Thomas Guthrie
19th century Guitar – Craig Ogden
Violin – Bjarte Eike
Viola – Per Buhre
Double Bass – Johannes Lundberg
Animations – Chris Glynn
Audio Engineer – Andy Guthrie

Thank you Aidan Ridyard from Burrell, Foley, and Fischer Architects

Music and Theatre for All Trustees:
Sir Richard Aikens – Chairman
Alexander Armstrong
Alice Keens-Soper
Jess May
Stephen Weil

Music and Theatre for All:
Claire Styles
Esther Jackson