About us

Too often live music and theatre are dismissed as elitist, exclusive and expensive. Since our foundation in 2013, Music and Theatre for All’s acclaimed productions have challenged this, finding new audiences in new places with cutting edge work. Our Death Actually (2014) and Life Actually (2015/16) projects brought together world class musicians, puppeteers, dancers and artists, in collaboration with students, older people and community groups, to celebrate life and death through live performance. Our innovative productions have already featured at the Spitalfields Summer and Winter Festivals, Brighton Festival and at the Barbican, in schools, churches and community settings, and on film, bringing music and theatre to all, for all. 

  • We are a charity who work to bring together people of all ages, orientations and backgrounds with world-class professionals in the creation and experience of opera, music and theatre

  • We believe that storytelling, singing and theatre are essential to community and vital for whatever it is that makes us human

  • We believe that opera and theatre should be accessible to all, rich and poor, young and old, and that as such it should deal with issues common to us all

  • We believe that enabling a space for each audience member to go on their own individual journey and to connect with their own individual imaginations is preferable to telling them what to think

  • We believe that singing is not only an extreme physical and human art, but also a need, and that every single one of us can do it. Combined with storytelling, it can make our most visceral and communicative art form

  • We are interested in the value of craft and technique in all aspects of performance. We believe in risk and honesty. We believe in the values of beauty, humility and humour

“gloriously unexpected entertainment” Death Actually, Times, 2014