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Special guests: Alexander Armstrong, Gwyneth Herbert, Thomas Guthrie, Joelle Harvey, Roddy Williams and Rob Murray
Monday 26 October, 6pm on YouTube Premiere

NEWS: Monday 26 October, 6pm on YouTube Premiere
Comedian and presenter Alexander Armstrong, along with our Chairman Sir Richard Aikens and our Artistic Director Thomas Guthrie, hosts a special fundraising gala event featuring guest appearances, a sneak preview of our #Schubert200 project, and the film premiere of the last in our trilogy of #LockdownSongs Those Were The Days.

To join us, please register and we will send you an event link on Monday.

This event will only be available to view at 6pm on 26 October so please do set a reminder

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all and, in difficult times, creativity is where people turn for solace and support. Music and Theatre for All is working with partners on our flagship project Urban Operas to bring disadvantaged communities together with arts professionals – whose livelihoods have been drastically impacted by the pandemic – in a unique co-creation.

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“more meaning to my present life than I could ever describe in words here”

Real Life Actually, 2016

“a fantastic experience for my autistic son who can’t normally attend performances”  

Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, 2019

“the whole experience – music/puppets/storytelling was incredibly moving”

Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, 2019

Header photo courtesy of Brighton Early Music Festival, Credit: Robert Piwko