26 October: Online Fundraising Gala

Sir Richard Aikens and Alexander Armstrong presented an online fundraising gala to coincide with the 50th birthday of our Artistic Director, international stage director, Thomas Guthrie.

On Monday 26 October, Music and Theatre for All went live on YouTube Premiere with a special Fundraising Gala presented by Alexander Armstrong, comedian, presenter and national treasure (and Music and Theatre for All trustee).

We were so delighted to share this special event with so many viewers.

Our Artistic Director, Thomas Guthrie, spoke to presenter, comedian and national treasure Alexander Armstrong. They presented a host of special guests, a sneak preview of our #Schubert200 project, and the film premiere of the last in our trilogy of #LockdownSongs Those Were The Days.

We would like to offer our special thanks to Gwyneth Herbert, Joelle Harvey, Rob Murray, and Roddy Williams who wished Tom a happy birthday in their own unique and fabulous ways.

Thanks also to Byron Barrett from Edmund Waller School for talking to Tom about how opera has empowered young people at the school and the multitude benefits of creating and working together on opera projects.

If you would like to find out more about our Urban Opera Project, click here

We are grateful to everyone who has donated to our fundraising appeal to help get musicians back to working alongside diverse communities to create and experience opera and theatre